Aversectin C 1% paste

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Description: Equisect paste is a drug that is a homogeneous paste-like mass of light brown color with a weak specific odor in a syringe-dispenser. Structure: As an active ingredient, it contains Aversectin C 1%, as well as auxiliary components. Pharmacological properties: Aversectin C, which is part of the Equisect paste, is an antiparasitic agent of contact and systemic action, is active against the imaginal and larval stages of the developmental phases of nematodes, lice, bloodsuckers, nasopharyngeal larvae, gastric gadflies parasitizing in horses. Mechanism of action - disrupts the conduction of nerve impulses, which leads to paralysis and death of parasites. Application procedure: Equisect paste is prescribed for the treatment and prevention of strongylosis, trichonematidosis, oxyurosis, probstmauriasis, parascariasis, strongyloidiasis, trichostrongylosis, dictyocaulosis, parafilariasis, setariosis, onchocerciasis, gabronematosis, dryshiosis and rheastrophilia of horses. The drug is used for therapeutic purposes once peroral at the rate of 2 g per 100 kg of horse live weight. The paste is squeezed onto the root of the tongue from a syringe-dispenser, which is injected into the interdental space of the oral cavity and then the head is raised for a few seconds. Regimen for adult horses: Parascariasis, oxyurosis - in the stall period 1 time in 2 months Gastrophilia, rhinestrosis - according to indications in the grazing period, once every 2 months Strongyloidiasis, strongylatosis - At least once every 2 months in the grazing season Trichostrongylosis, dictyocaulosis - During the grazing period, 2 times in spring and autumn Onchocerciasis, parafilariasis, setariosis - once a month during the summer of insects Gabronematosis, drychiasis - According to indications in spring, summer and autumn Application scheme for suckling foals: Parascariasis - From 2-3 months of age 1 time per month Strongyloidosis, strongyloidosis - From 2 weeks of age 1 time per month Trichonematidoses - From 3 months of age to weaning 1 time in 2 months Probstmauriasis - According to the indications of helminthoscopy, once Release form and storage conditions: Produced in packs of 14 g in polymer dispensing syringes. Store in a cool, dark place in the original packaging at temperatures from 0C to + 25C. Shelf life is 3 years. Note: The drug is low-toxic for warm-blooded animals; in recommended and five times higher doses does not have a sensitizing, embryotoxic, teratogenic and mutagenic effect.

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