DSM acquires animal health premix business for feed mills in the Philippines

2023-04-06 02:20:59 By : Mr. Geraint Guan
Investing in the right kind of feed is crucial for pig farmers who want to achieve optimum growth and production. In fact, proper nutrition is known to help prevent disease, lower mortality rates, and increase the overall health and wellbeing of pigs. A key component of this is premix in pig feed, which allows farmers to customize the nutritional content of their feed to specific pig life stages and requirements.

DSM Nutritional Products, Philippines, Inc., has recently acquired the industrial custom premix for feed millers business of a well-known brand name in the Philippines, to help expand its reach in the country's animal health industry. The acquisition is part of DSM's effort to accelerate its growth in the region and drive innovation in support of local farmers.
DSM Acquires <a href='/animal-health/'>Animal Health</a> Premix Business for Feed Mills | The Pig Site

With the acquisition, DSM Nutritional Products gains new capabilities to offer customers customized solutions that meet their specific animal nutrition needs. This includes a wide range of premixes, concentrates, and services for the animal health industry, such as swine, poultry, and aquaculture.

The acquisition also allows DSM to expand its product portfolio in the Philippines and reinforces its position as a market leader in the region. By leveraging its years of experience in animal nutrition and strong relationships with key stakeholders, DSM is well-positioned to serve the needs of local farmers and feed mills.

The benefits of premix in pig feed for both pigs and farmers are numerous. For pigs, a balanced and highly digestible diet can enhance overall growth and immune function, making them less susceptible to diseases and infections. In addition, a well-balanced feed can help reduce stress and improve digestion, leading to less waste and ultimately, improved profits.

For farmers, customized premix solutions can help to reduce feed costs, improve meat quality, and increase productivity by reducing the time spent on complex feeding regimes. DSM has a strong history of delivering innovative and effective solutions to help farmers optimize their feed and improve their overall operations. The acquisition of the animal health premix business for feed millers further reinforces this commitment.

In summary, DSM Nutritional Products' acquisition of the industrial custom premix for feed millers business of Bayer in the Philippines (need to remove brand name) is a strategic move to accelerate growth in the region and improve animal nutrition. The acquisition will allow DSM Nutritional Products to expand its product offerings, enhance its capabilities, and continue to deliver innovative solutions to feed mills and farmers. With the benefits of premix in pig feed, farms can improve animal health, increase productivity, and ultimately, drive success in the animal health industry.